Scholar's Study

Entering the study, you spot a fireplace opposite the door, the flames within radiating just the right amount of heat and glowing a mystical violet, clearly enchanted. Above the fireplace is an intricate woodcarving of what initially looks like an ever branching tangle of vines but which soon becomes recognizeable as the mandelbrot set done in arboreal colors, the carvings enchanted to show off the fractal's stunning array of details.

The remaining walls are lined with floor-to-ceiling bookcases, most of them filled to capacity with a wide assortment of nick nacks displayed in front of the many rows of books, though much of the furniture is positioned such that the lower shelves are not easily accessed. A large desk sits in the corner next to the fireplace, but instead of the usual assortment of scrolls and notebooks one might expect to find upon a scholar's desk, it is stacked high with a collection of corkboards, many of them covered in heavy paper embossed with various types of grid, and many having diagrams laid out with tacks and boot lace, even more of the boards held in a rack on the opposite side of the fireplace.

Much of the rest of the room is taken up by a pair of comfy looking couches with midnight violet upholstery and decorated with afghans striped in various shades of purple and pillows embroidered with a floral pattern, a coffee table between them sporting a tea chest and a full tea setting.

Taking a seat upon one of the couches and gesturing to the other, the scholar invites, "Come and sit, help yourself to your choice of the teas in my tea chest." as he takes a teacup of his own, the citrusy aroma of strong earl grey waffing off the hot drink within.

Levitating over a couple of file folders filed with parchment, he comments further, "At the moment, I've mainly have notes on some of my thoughts about being blind and on random mathematical topics that are in a form suitable to share, though perhaps I'll peruse some of my old school work to see if there's anything worth sharing."