Crystal Caverns

The stairs spiral into the ground, wooden steps giving way to stone as the well delves into the bedrock.

When you finally reach the bottom, you find yourself in a cavern of awe-inspiring beauty, the walls, floor, and ceiling comprised of a dazzling array of quartz in every color of the rainbow, even those only perceptible to magical sight.

So entranced are you that you nearly trip over your own feet when a deep, resonating voice greets you.

"Welcome, traveller, to my humble abode."

Looking around, you discover the source of the voice to be a dragon, it's scales crystalline in appearance and just as colorful as its den, letting it effortlessly blend into the background if it so wishes.

"Have you come to admire my horde? If so, feel free to look, but be warned, it would be a grave mistake to steal from a dragon, for thieves are crunchy and taste good with mustard."

Glancing around, the dragon adds, a bit sheepishly and seeming quite a bit less intimidating for it, "Unfortunately, my horde is a bit disorganized at the moment, so showing off specific pieces is a bit hard.