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Update 2022/03/14

Happy 143rd Birthday to Albert Einstein and Happy Pi Day to everyone else!

Sadly, it's also the anniversary of the death of Stephen Hawking... I hope you all are enjoying sweet, fruit-filled pastry in memory of two of the greatest minds of modern times. Or sweet, nut or dairy filled pastry or savory, meat filled pastry, I won't begrudge anyone their preferred flavor of pie.

Anyways, got a pair of Mathematical musings I've been dragging my feet on posting, one about surfaces of revolution with non-circular cross-sections and one about curves/surfaces traced out by shapes as they move in a prescribed fashion. Also corrected some typos in my ovals and golden generalization musings and have an addendum to both... only embedding the addepndum in this post, but the full versions with the previously posted content are available in the Musings folder.

Addendums to older musings

Non-circular revolutions


Update 2021/10/23

If I have any readers, my apologies for the lack of updates. Haven't quite gotten into the habit of typing my thoughts up to share, plus I've spent much time recently failing to adjust to the weather as brutally hot summer has given way to undecisive autumn(my metaphorical kingdom for a climate controlled room that's a constant temperature instead of sometimes waking up shivering and roasting through the hottest part of the day on the same day). Hopefully, me fixing some file permissions a couple weeks back that rendered some files inaccessible if not invisible tide you over.

Anyways, Lindorm Dice, who previously Kickstarted two lines of dice inspired by Norse mythology, have launched a new project(I also need to get in the habit of posting new Kickstarters that catch my attention over on the Kickstarter board). This time, the theme is Sea Shanties, and inspired by their project and a fellow backer suggesting a sing along(Sorry, names are not a strong point of mine), I decided to do a parody of "Drunken Sailor", one of the Shanties that inspired a set with a Tabletop RPG twist.

And so, I present, "Cursed d20". What I consider the best of the takes I recorded can be downloaded here, and the lyrics are posted below. If you like it, I might consider covering/parodying other songs and sharing the results.

Update 2021/09/06

Hello travelers, today the Sightless Scholar would like to share a little snippet I've add to my sightless reflections on the topic of beauty, and a longer Mathematical Musing surrounding concepts related to the Golden Ratio.

Sightless Reflection Snippet

Mathematical Musing on Golden Generalizations

Update 2021/08/17

Okay, initial testing revealed some bugs in permissions and my php code, but I think I've got everything fixed now and feel comfortable sharing the site with others.

Informal to do list:

that said, there are a few things I hope to accomplish in the coming days and weeks, provided the weather doesn't leave my brain fried, and all my less than productive past times don't eat up all of my time.


I am satisfied that the site is ready to go online for testing I can't do with the local copy.